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Our Froyo Shop

Frozen Yogurt is always fun.  No matter what time of day it is, or what part of the year it is.  We have so many fun flavours, endless toppings to choose from, and an atmosphere that makes you want to be here, all the time.  The idea came from our experience at other froyo shops...and so, we wanted to bring it to Cranbrook, so we could all enjoy...all the time.  It's just a local family with a drive for business, and a passion for tasty treats. 




Our priority is Frozen Yogurt.  But, with that we've added some accents.  We're not just a one-off kind of business.  We also have delicious smoothies, dessert crepes, baked goods, and other little treats like frozen yogurt cookie sandwiches and pies.  


But back to froyo.  We have so many flavours to keep you busy, that you'll never get bored.  And, of course, we have all the best M&Ms & Skor.  Everyone loves those. AND EVEN CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH!!! (Which goes on just about any flavour).    

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